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Charmed Meets Wynonna Earp!

Gravestones & Wicked Bones has FINALLY arrived and I'm calling it, 'Charmed Meets Wynonna Earp'! I think you guys will REALLY love this one -


My sisters and I weren’t born with magic. No, we were forced into it. Betrayed into it by the one person who was supposed to protect us. Now we’re living in a shithole desert town at the mercy of a sexy-as-hell Fae named Bastian.

So far, I’ve been able to buy Violet and Jade time to live freely, without being held to Bastian’s constant call. I’ve been doing his dirty work for five long years, but my sisters’ freedom is wearing thin. Soon, he’ll summon them, just as he did me—and I can’t let that happen.

Bastian’s latest assignment offers an escape for my sisters, and I’d be a fool not to take it. But my target is more powerful than any man I’ve faced before and doubly seductive. He draws out my inner demons—literally—and evading this attraction might prove more difficult than finishing what I started.

Sneak Preview of Chapter One:

Chapter One Ivy Lila Crane sauntered through the creaky door of Porter’s Tavern like a goddamn queen. She stood in the entryway, the blue and red neon “Open” sign reflecting in her lavender eyes. She didn’t move, waiting for the sea of bodies to spread in her wake. I wished for once her expectations wouldn’t be met. That she’d finally experience disappointment, but a beautiful bitch like her always got what she wanted. Youthful, beautiful—and a soul blacker than coal. Her arrival could only mean one thing: his fucking majesty was summoning me again. Not that Bastian Marquis was actual royalty. Well, technically, the ancient Fae could’ve been, but I didn’t have the slightest idea. It was just the nickname I’d given him. He certainly acted like it, and of course, he’d chosen Lila as his messenger. My severe distaste for the woman seemed to fuel his desire to send her. Everyone assumed if supernaturals existed, they lived in glamorous, mysterious cities like New York or London. But the truth was, hiding out in the least obvious places gave them the freedom to do as they chose. No one cares about what happens to a shitty little town in the middle of the Southern California desert. Especially in Shelton Sea, a desert town whose name mocked its total lack of water. Here, they owned the world. They were each gods—and I an unwilling minion.

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