LOVE POTION: A Valentine's Day Charity Anthology




A valentines day charity anthology featuring 8 exclusive stories from your favorite bestselling Paranormal and Fantasy romance authors! All proceeds will be donated to Room to Read! 

How to Capture a Demon's Heart - Graceley Knox & D.D. Miers
A Demon's Plaything (The Elite Guards) - Amelia Hutchins
Deep Blue Sea - Pippa DaCosta
The Hellhound's Legion: A Kit Davenport Novella - Tate James 
The Heart Cantrip: a Family Spells Novella - C.M. Stunich
Eternal Hearts - A Forsaken Gods Series Novella - G. Bailey & Coralee June
A Damsel and a Demigod (The Guild Codex: Spellbound) - Annette Marie
The Fox and the Wolf - Clara Hartley



USA Today bestselling authors, Graceley Knox and D.D. Miers may be long-lost sisters, but their moms continue to deny it. They are most definitely the co-writers of the Kresova Vampire Harem series, as well as a multitude of other upcoming projects they can’t wait to share with readers. 
Together they tend to share the same brain, finish each other’s thoughts, laugh way too hard at inappropriate comments, drink enough coffee to qualify for an intervention, and talk about their fur babies. When they’re not chatting, which is always, they can be found all over social media hanging out with their author friends and readers!

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